Kendra Warren – Spivey Mountain Jam


This past weekend we began production on Kendra Warren’s Spivey Mountain Jam music video.

Kendra, born and raised in Asheville, NC, co-wrote a song with her father David Warren.

Coffee and biscuits filled the air with their rich aroma as Kendra pieced together the rhymes that would re-tell the a story of her father who burnt down 16 acres of Asheville’s Spivey Mountain. This event, believe it or not, took place on April Fools Day, 1965! Now, 54 years later, sweet breakfast aromas filled the air once again as the Wonderland Woods team worked to recreate that notorious day.

We are still in production and look forward to sharing this project with everyone!

Special thanks to Twice Round vintage who provided the cast with the groovy 1960s wardrobe!

Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Twice-Round-Vintage/140722105978851

Another very special thank you to our phenomenal talent:

Marsha van Rijssen,  Ethan O’conner and the one and only David Schroeder!

***We know that you can’t wait any longer to see the Spivey Mountain Jam music video, so We went ahead and made you a mason jar full of sweet and fiery, Spivey Mountain Jam! Contact Kendra Warren to put in your order today.