The Mountain Minor


The Mountain Minor is a movie about Appalachian life of old and new that features authentic mountain music.  The film depicts the tough life of struggle and love for family that the many generations of the Abners lived before having to migrate to southern Ohio.

The authenticity of the music is a primary focus in the making of The Mountain Minor.  We’ve assembled cast of  professional Old Time and Bluegrass Musicians, all having a special connection with the soul of this project, including Dan Gellert, Elizabeth Laprelle, Ma Crow, Susan Pepper, Warren & Judy Waldron, Trevor McKenzie, Mike Oberst, Lucas Pasley and Aaron Wolf.  We have also been so fortunate to find two incredibly talented kids, Asa Nelson and Hazel Pasley.  The music in this film is phenomenal and although the movie depicts a beautiful story, the music alone would make the project worth it all.

Please stay tuned and follow our progress as we forge ahead to make The Mountain Minor a reality that will find its way to homes, schools and organizations that share our mission and goal.


The Mountain Minor is a film that is sure to inspire by telling a compelling story shot in the beautiful settings of the North Carolina mountains. The film will be especially unique with transcendent fiddling, soulful unaccompanied ballads, Old Regular Baptist line singing and lively flat foot dancing from historic Appalachian sources.

There is something universal and even anonymous about the ballads and traditional tunes we hear today. More often than not, we don’t know the exact sources or where they come from. But, for many people in the 1930s in rural America, in this case Eastern Kentucky, music was very much a part of daily life. People learned their songs in the flesh and blood from other family and community members. And often a song came with a story and a lifelong memory. This film follows the role of music in the lives of several generations of the Abner family, following them from their ancestral homeland in Eastern Kentucky to later generations that migrated to Southern Ohio. The music of his childhood in the mountains has left an indelible mark on Charlie, the protagonist, and there is a tension throughout the film as to whether or not he will fulfill his lifelong dream of returning to the home place upon his retirement.



Young Charlie Abner
Asa Nelson

Young Mrs. Abner
Hazel Pasley

Older Charlie Abner
Dan Gellert

Oza Abner
Elizabeth Laprelle

Charlie’s Grandosn
Trevor McKenzie


Dale Farmer

Director of Photography
Paul Halluch

Sound Mixer
Jerry Sebastian

Eitan Abramowitz