We Can So You Can


Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s mission is to sustainably brew high quality beer, support local non-profits and help our community prosper. It’s simple; sustainability, community and philanthropy.

Journey through the first 3 years of Appalachian Mountain Brewery, from inception to canning and distribution. The story of Sean Spiegelman and Nathan Kelishek and Chris Zieber is one of hard work and dedication that started in 2011. Building the brewery from the remains of a welding shop left them with incredible satisfaction and thirst not only for beer but customers especially after starting the brewing process originally in Sean’s garage.

It’s obvious they have come a long way with all their endeavors from Farm to Flame food truck to We Can So You Can foundation which has become an outlet for the crew to work with Non-Profits all around the nation to fulfill their mission in Philanthropy.


Director of Photography
Paul Halluch

Sound Mixer
Jerry Sebastian

Eitan Abramowitz